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No one has yet forgotten the Christmas Day shoe bomb incident aboard a flight to Detroit where passengers managed to subdue a suspected terrorist when his shoe bomb failed to explode. MSNBC reported that his shoe bomb failed to explode because of a faulty detonator.A great deal of controversy arose from the potential Christmas Day bombing. From Conservative rhetoric mongers insulting Obama for not addressing the situation sooner to calls for stiffer security screenings at airports, the narrowly averted catastrophe on Christmas Day was still shaping policies up until the present moment.One of the main questions brought up by the Christmas day shoe bomber was the effectiveness of the policy of having all airline passengers remove their shoes for screening prior to boarding a plain, a policy that was instituted after a 2001 incident involving shoe bomber Richard Reid. Reid had also tried to light a shoe bomb but failed to make the fuse ignite and the bomb explode.It is unclear at the moment whether or not this latest incident was, in fact, a shoe bombing attempt. There is the potential. However, considering there are no official quotes yet stating it as such coupled with the gravity of the situation, this could be a major league misunderstanding. No matter which way the situation ends up unfolding, April 7, 2010, will be another chapter in the global give and take on airport security issues.

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