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Who doesn’t like Easter? If Billy were reading this, he’d probably say something like,
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Billy Protagonist didn’t always love Easter and there would come a time when he would absolutely hate it,
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It was late on the night before Easter Sunday, and Billy could just not get to sleep. His teeth were chattering away, which had nothing to do with the extremely frigid weather. He was bundled up nicely. Billy chatters his teeth when he’s excited or when he’s cold and this time he was not cold, so logically he would be what? Excited. Very good.

Billy was excited because tomorrow was Easter Sunday,
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"Ah, several years ago." Billy muttered to himself as he began to remember Easter several years ago.

Quite done remembering Easter several years ago, Billy continued with his teeth chattering. Eventually he fell asleep,
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"Ah, several years ago." the narrator said aloud, because it was something he was allowed to say out loud. The narrator had many rules by which he was forced to live for reasons he was not allowed to get into just yet. Regardless, just note that "Ah, several years ago" is one of the many things he is allowed to say. Of the things he’s not allowed to say, the two most regrettable ones would have to be "don’t fuck me like that" and "that’s not what my penis is for." Any variations are also forbidden.

It was Easter Sunday 3 years ago, back when Billy hated Easter. His parents were alive back then, and they were the most immature little pukes he had ever met. This was saying a lot, because Billy went to a new elementary school every day. By the second grade,
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"Wake up, Billy!" they both shouted at 5 in the morning.

"It’s Easter Sunday, yaaaaaaaaay!" His dad screamed.

"Candy, alriiiiiiiiight!" His mom screamed.

"Wake up, Billy!" They both shouted.

This was only one of Billy’s reasons for hating Easter, though it was one of the Big Two. The other of the Big Two would come after breakfast.

After breakfast, Billy’s parents handed him what they handed him every miserable Easter, a carton of eggs. Most kids would sure enjoy being allowed to toss eggs at his neighbor’s house, but not Billy. Billy was super lame,
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Order Online Authentic Air Jordan 9 Olive 2012, and the idea of throwing anything breakable or gooey at his neighbor’s door made him think, "I could so be reading a book right now." Also his neighbor was a warlock,
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"Time for the Easter Toss,
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"Yay!" his mother confirmed. "Billy!"

And so they Easter Tossed the warlock’s house.

Three years later again and Billy’s parents were long dead. He lived alone and was much better off for it,
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Several hours past 5am, Billy got out of bed and had breakfast. He had a different tradition now. It was no longer an Easter Toss, but an Egg Hunt with the entire neighborhood. Even the warlock had forgiven Billy for his past egg related sins and would attend his Egg Hunts.

There were two rules for Billy’s Easter Egg Hunts,
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"Hey, Billy! Over here!" Billy heard from the Starting Tree outside his house. It was his friend Jerald. They were always partners for Egg Hunt,
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"Hey, Jerald," Billy said,
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"You know it,
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Billy began walking towards the Starting Tree and noticed that, oh golly, his shoes were untied.

"Hold on a second!" he shouted at Jerald. "My shoes are untied!"

Jerald nodded, indicating he heard and understood Billy’s shoelace problem. Billy bent over to tie his shoes and took a quick glance at the yard,
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"What the fudge?" Billy said aloud, quickly forgetting his shoelace problem and standing back up to get a better view of the lawn. Again no eggs, coloured or otherwise. He turned towards the Starting Tree and saw something even more alarming.

"Jerald?" Billy asked no one, because Jerald was gone. As a matter of fact, no one was around at all. A lawn with no eggs and a Starting Tree with no people. Something was terribly wrong.

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