With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

Hip Cirq Europ’ is a multidisciplinary project of itinerant artistic residencies. It is run by Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde, in association with five european partners: l’Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles (Belgium), Circus Elleboog (Netherlands), Belfast Community Circus (United Kingdom), Sorin Sirkus (Finland), Métis Gwa (Guadeloupe).

The project is co-funded by the European Union under the Culture Programme. It aims to encourage the emerging artist’s professionalization and the recognition of emerging cultures from priority neighborhoods.

This major project includes six artistic residencies (France, Guadeloup, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, United Kingdom).

Headed by two choreographers, Eric Mezino (Cie E.Go) and Gaëtan Levêque (Collectif AOC), the project gathers twelve young european artists.

After creating an artistic form mixing circus arts, hip hop dance and emerging cultures, they move to six residencies (Metropolitan France, Guadeloupe, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, United Kingdom) where they share their work with local emerging artists and young amateurs coming from priority neighborhoods. At the end of each « residency step », the enriched creation will be presented during local cultural events.



  • Support young artists in their cultural, social and economic inclusion
  • Provide them a training on the social circus knowledge
  • Encourage the opening up to Europe and put intercultural and artistic exchanges in favour of the social inclusion in Europe
  • Promote urban cultures recognition
  • Improve « the live together » and the solidarity, through the participatory, intercultural and educational dimension of emerging cultural activities
  • Encourage cultural and artistic activities democratization to the publics far from the culture field.



  • 72 young artists trained and accompanied in their professional careers
  • 72 people in difficulty benefiting from 432 hours of actions related to the social circus
  • 8 000 spectators reached by 16 performances
  • 1 film describing the project implementation in the 5 partner countries
  • 1 book in the form of portraits of the young emerging artists



Creation Residencies :

  • BAGNEUX , France, from 10  to  25 JUNE 2012
  • BRUSSELS, from 2 to 17 SEPTEMBER 2012

Joint residencies

  • TAMPERE, from 12  to 27 JANUARY 2013
  • BELFAST, from 22 APRIL to 7 MAY 201
  • BAGNEUX, from 9  to 24 JUNE 2013
  • BRUSSELS, from 1 to 16 SEPTEMBER 2013
  • GUADELOUPE, end of october beginning of November 2013 (to precise)
  •  AMSTERDAM, from 16 to 20 DECEMBER 2013




in association with five european partners: l’Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles (Belgique), Circus Elleboog (Pays-Bas), Belfast Community Circus (United kingdom), Sorin Sirkus (Finland), Métis Gwa (Guadeloup).

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